1. Winning Through Meetups, How Nano Will Advance In Africa

Winning Through Meetups, How Nano Will Advance In Africa

Written by Kwaku Abedi (Medium)

Meetups are semi-formal or informal gatherings which brings people together to discuss a range of topics or an idea. In the business world, meetups double as ‘cocktail hours’ where business Executives converge at various locations to network and discuss challenges and opportunities in their respective industries.

These gatherings lead to the formation of new relationships, alliances and generates ideas for future business. Physical Meetings are an integral aspect of African business culture as most entrepreneurs and business people appreciate meeting to share ideas and build trust which is hard to replicate virtually.

Over the past few years, meetups have become increasingly relevant in the technology world as tech companies have become aware of the benefits of such gatherings and its compounding positive effects when sustained.

Technology as a tool can often seem cold and distant therefore bringing enthusiasts together in one space to discuss topics around said technology and how it can aid in user experience is beneficial. With meetups, technology companies receive the advantage of live feedback similar to a focus group in a special way without the presence of a professor to write reports on outcomes.

These advantages make meetups an important aspect of the growth of any product in its life cycle.

As Nano develops into one of the most relevant cryptocurrencies, its uptake will be heavily impacted by constant engagement with the community. Meetups will be relevant for the continued success of Nano as the preferred scalable feeless, instant, ecofriendly and decentralized cryptocurrency for the masses.

The online crypto market place is filled with various offerings competing for attention; it is imperative that Nano stands out by creating unique spaces and conversations for its continued adoption and usage as this will help Nano take its place as a premiere cryptocurrency that will aid in the development of trade and industry in Africa.

Meetups help in the championing of unique business ideas which create other employment opportunities for motivated young Africans that are looking for ways to do business and trade with the outside world. It is clear that due to the unique features of Nano the best way to engage with new users is to demonstrate it.

Nano presents a unique advantage to shape our world and create opportunities for growth and development on the continent and it will be physical meetups that pave the way to this success.

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